• Q: If there is a problem with the website while I’m submitting what do I do?

    A: Email us at writersworkshop@warnerbros.com and we will help you resolve your issue.

  • Q: What if I left off information online; can I go back and change it or do I need to resubmit from the start?

    A: Use your log-in and password up until 11:59pm on June 1 to enter back into your submission.

  • Q: Can I pay for multiple submissions at once?

    A: Yes. Select the number of scripts you wish to submit from the dropdown at the top of the contact info page on the application.

  • Q: If I’m part of a writing team, do we each need to write a personal statement?

    A: No, teams should submit ONE personal statement expressing their views.

  • Q: What if I wrote a show that is NOT on the drop down menu?

    A: Only shows listed on our drop down menu will count. We know that every show is not listed. First year shows are not on the list. Please visit the drop down menu on the APPLY NOW page for the full list of eligible options.

  • Q: Does the spec need to be a Warner Bros. show?

    A: No, but the show must be listed in our dropdown menu to qualify.

  • Q: How many scripts can I submit?

    A: Two.

  • Q: Can I submit both Comedy and Drama specs?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: What is the best spec to write?

    A: We tell people to write what they love because it will show on the page. Warner Bros. readers can recognize great writing on any series. However, we do recommend that if you choose to write a comedy, stay away from dramadies like Nurse Jackie, Hung and Glee. Comedy writers will be judged on the number of jokes within their script.

  • Q: Can I resubmit a script I submitted last year?

    A: If it didn’t get you in the first time, submit at your own risk.

  • Q: If I work at Warner Bros. can I drop off my script in person?

    A: Yes, but out of respect to our fellow employees, please leave your submissions with our security team or in the basket located in Building 140′s main lobby.

  • Q: Is there ANY circumstance that would allow me to have an extension on the submission deadline?

    A: No. To be fair towards everyone who submits, extensions will not be granted.

  • Q: What if my information changes during the summer after submissions are in?

    A: Please email us at writersworkshop@warnerbros.com and we will change it for you.

  • Q: Can Warner Bros. employees AND people who don’t work at WBTV apply to the Workshop?

    A: Yes, everyone is welcome to apply.

  • Q: Can International Applicants apply to the Workshop?

    A: Yes, but to be accepted into the program you must either have a green card or have a visa that allows you to work in the US. We do not sponsor work visas.

  • Q: Is it okay if I’m a member of the WGA?

    A: Yes. So long as you were not a Staff Writer on a primetime, scripted cable or network series.

  • Q: Is it okay if I have representation?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: Can my representation submit my material for me?

    A: No.

  • Q: Do I get paid to be in the Workshop?

    A: No. The endgame for the Workshop is to get you staffed on one of our shows.

  • Q: Are there any additional fees associated with being in the Workshop other then the submission cost?

    A: No.

      Q: When will I find out if I’ve been accepted into the interview stage?

      A: Applicants will be notified via phone no later than Friday September 27, 2013 to set up an interview.