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The Workshop will be open for submissions May 1-May 31, 2015. To qualify for the program, you cannot have been staffed on a primetime cable or network show. Writers may submit a maximum of two scripts. No recommendation letters, please. Original material (pilots, short stories and one-act plays and screenplays) will NOT be accepted in the general submission period, but will be required in the final round of consideration. Submissions must be registered online with scripts uploaded before 11:59pm on May 31, 2015 to be eligible.

Once you have uploaded your script, your submission agreement will be generated, which needs to be filled out, scanned, and uploaded to your profile before the deadline. Please take into account the time you will need to submit your submission agreement when applying.

Applications will not be eligible if all materials have not been submitted before 11:59pm on May 31, 2015.


      1. Writing Sample (this must be uploaded online)
          • The show must be listed in our dropdown menu to qualify. Not all shows are accepted, please take a moment to make sure your show is listed.
          • COMEDY
          • DRAMA
          • The front cover page of your script must include all of the following:
            • Name of the series
            • Your episode’s title
            • Writer(s) name(s)

              • Writing teams: Make sure the order of your names is always consistent (on scripts and your online applications)
            • Writer contact information (address, phone number and email) in the lower right-hand corner
        • Writing samples must be typed and presented single sided in script format.
        • Please include a “Previously On” page, after your title page if your show is serialized. The “Previously On” page lets the reader know where your episode takes place in the series and what has been happening emotionally for your main characters. It should be in paragraph form and not longer than a page.
      2. Current Resume (this must be uploaded online)
        • Your resume should include all past work experiences, writing related and beyond.
        • If you are a team, two individual resumes should be uploaded.
      3. Short Composition (this must be uploaded online)
        • A short composition is no longer than a page, double spaced and in 12 font. It should tell us why you want to be a television writer and how your background will add a unique perspective to television.
        • If you are a team, please submit one composition that talks about you as a team.
      4. Payment via PayPal (only online payments will be accepted)
        • A non-refundable $30 application fee per script must be paid via PayPal.
          • Checks, money orders and cash will not be accepted.
      5. Signed Submission Agreement (this must be uploaded online)
        • The submission agreement will appear after you have uploaded your script, and we must have this to read your script. Please make sure the script’s information and logline, along with your original signature(s) at the bottom, is all on one page. Faxes and emails of this document will not be accepted.

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